Sunday, March 28, 2010

Takes My Breath Away

"Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breath away." anonymous

I had one of those moments this week when I witnessed my thirteen year old son stroke the hair and face of his dying grandmother. It is a difficult time for our family. That can't be denied. We traveled to Los Angeles so my boys could visit their grandmother one last time. Her health is failing and it will not be long before she leaves this world to dance in the streets of heaven. I wondered how my sons would do in this difficult moment. My husband and I gave them the option to come into the room or not; to speak or not; to come closer or stay away. But despite the fact that grandma can no longer open her eyes or respond to them; despite the tubes and contraptions and even the rank smells that are often found in a nursing home, my 13 year old son exhibited the grace and strength of one much older and wiser. He stroked my mother's hair that has now grown longer and whiter. He caressed her check that is no longer "made up" with dusty rose blush (her favorite,) and squeezed her hand that can no longer feel his loving touch. I watched as my child comforted my dying mother.... and it took my breath away.

Moments like these are like catching a glimpse of God. Like feeling His spirit brush up against ours and a little chill rushes down our body, that suddenly causes our breath to be caught in our throat.

Dying before her time, my mother will be missed. However it's amazing that in the darkness there is light and in death there is hope.

May God take your breath away today.


  1. Bobbie, you glorify God by the fact that you are alive and breathing... Then you go and magnify his glory even more by giving your heart to him. One of the reasons your mom will dance so enthusiastically in Heaven is she will see more perfectly than you or I the beauty you continue allowing God to fashion in the depth of your heart. Thank you for being a sign of healing and renewal and restoration and hope. This blog is a beacon of hope, a witness to the power of God. My heart aches to ponder what you endured as a child, but joy replaces that ache to see what God is doing in you. Blessings on your dear mom who got her church to pray for my own mom when she was said to be near death. May all consolation be with you and Kim and both of your families. Much love (and prayer) from the boy who lived across the street a hundred years ago. Michael

  2. You, my dear sister, have an amazing gift. I love you! :)