Friday, March 21, 2014

Don't Forget

This blog will be closed soon. Make sure that you have logged into and followed the new blog at  The new blog has an all new look and a new way to subscribe. Look to the right to follow by email or go to the bottom of the page and follow by pressing "subscribe".
Thanks and spread the word!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Changed Conditions Ahead!
It seems that this time of year, with good weather peeking out from behind the cold cloudiness of winter (at least winter as we know it here is CA), there are signs everywhere stating that there is road work ahead or changed conditions on the roads. Well there are changed conditions here as well.  I have made some changes to my blog as I expand into what I hope will be more writing opportunities. So for any of you who follow me here I will direct you to the new blog and ask you to follow me on that site instead of this one as I will no longer be posting here. The explanation why is technical and boring-- just know that if you will follow this link here you will be led to the new blog site and I ask that you would click on the "follow" option once you are there. Also pleeeeese share any posts or the blog site with anyone you want. The more followers I have the more seriously those hiring writers for different projects will take me.  Thank you..and as always comment, comment, comment on any post to promote discussion and encouragement.