Sunday, February 28, 2010

Living With Your Arms Wide Open

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the AWOM blog!
I am so excited to be standing at the edge of this new venture. Of course, in honor of true humility and honesty, I must admit that I am also a bit afraid. I have put off the starting of this venture many times; worried about "doing it right." Have you ever struggled with the feelings of wanting to do, whatever it is you're doing, perfectly, or not do it at all? I know that I do. Often. There is nothing like putting forward your best effort, only to find that it wasn't quite good enough. It reminds me of another woman who committed herself to the Lord wholeheartedly, only to be met with criticism. Look at Mark 14:3-9. Jesus is relaxing at the dinner table with friends when he is approached by a woman carrying a jar of very expensive perfume. The courage she demonstrated by coming forward at all, in this male dominated setting, is beyond belief! But the fact that she acted upon her faith in Christ, and then annointed Him with the perfume she carried, is truly remarkable. She took what was her best and gave it to the amazing offering. But instead of receiving praise for her show of adoration, she is immediately criticized. "Why this waste of perfume? It could have been sold for at least a year's wages, and the money given to the poor," She was scolded by the disciples. Scripture says she was "rebuked HARSHLY." They didn't see her intention. They didn't look at her heart. She did her best and it wasn't good, for some. But if the disciples didn't see her heart, Jesus did. "Leave her alone," He said. I love that! Jesus comes to her defense! He is on her side. He is on our side as well. So I am posting this first ever AWOM blog in the spirit of the beautiful offering of the woman with the perfume. I will do the best that I can to serve the Lord. I will live with my arms wide open, being the "display of His splendor," to the best of my ability because that is indeed what Arms Wide Open Ministry is all about--having the freedom to live our best life for our Savior. I look forward to hearing from any of you. ---Bobbi (P.S. Visit the Arms Wide Open website at